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  • Lush fields of green.

  • At Pine Brook Farm, our retirees graze on native grasses of the highest quality.  Fertile soil and healthy rainfall amounts translate to an excellent mixture of timothy, tall fescue, and orchard grass for your horse.  With plenty of space and the freedom to roam between pastures for abundant grazing, supplemental grain becomes unnecessary for most horses.

    Horses are pasture-fed 365 days per year, except in the snow, when they are fed free-choice hay.  Pastures are carefully monitored and maintained at a height of approximately four inches.  Our residents are kept on a proper deworming schedule and barn manure is never spread. 

    Our pasture management plan has eliminated the need for fertilizer or chemical applications, so your horse is grazing on the best organic grasses year-round that Mother Nature intended for them to have.