• An experienced horseman to care for your friend.

  • Robert Biser has 24 years of experience in working with horses, including caring for six of his own at Pine Brook Farm. Having attended seminars by international equine experts Monty Roberts and Dan Sumerel, he has enjoyed using their positive approach to start and train horses in the round pen under a variety of conditions.

    Robert has cared for boarders and layups at his farm, and worked closely with his veterinarian to help horses having such issues as arthritis, colic, and laminitis. He has worked with professional trainers and his own horses to prepare for dressage, hunter-jumper events, and shows, and has himself been an avid rider. Having rescued several horses, including those who were abused, Robert has expended significant effort to gain the trust of these animals, rehabilitate them, and allow them to enjoy the life they so deserve, as they spend the rest of their days on the farm. He helped oversee the breeding of both of his mares, and joyfully welcomed and raised their two foals, one of whom he helped deliver after a period of labor duress.  


  • Robert’s interest in horses began at an early age.

    “I used to save my pennies and nickels when I was a kid, and we would go over to this farm and ride horses for a quarter to a dollar, depending on how long you rode. This was my introduction to the love of horses, and really anything that had four legs.”

    “This drawing in eighth grade represented my hope that, given the chance, I would someday have a horse farm.”

  • Robert chose to attend college in Kentucky, the heart of bluegrass country. He made trips up to Lexington to visit the horses, and also attended the Kentucky Derby.

    It was in 1994 that his lifelong dream of owning a horse farm came true, when he completed the design and construction of Pine Brook Farm.

  • For more than two decades, Robert has operated his business, Perma Well, Inc., a world-wide distributor of UltraGuard vinyl horse fence. During that time, he has also worked as a horse farm consultant, putting his 40 years of background in construction management and property design to use in helping hundreds of equestrian owners with the planning of their own farms.

    Robert enjoys working with retired horses.

    “In remembering all that our horses give us --pleasure, understanding, and comfort when we need it most-- we give them a place to “just be a horse” in their later years, side-by-side with other horses who become their friends, as our way of saying thank you.”

    Robert currently serves as manager of Equus on Linkedin, one of the largest online equine groups in the world. He and his wife, Kim, are full-time residents at Pine Brook Farm, and they also foster cats through the Animal Rescue, Inc. Forever Home program. A serious birder, amateur nature photographer, and former licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Robert enjoys the flora and fauna at the Farm, where he continues to nurture his lifelong dedication to the well-being of animals.

    “The highest compliment anyone has ever paid me is ‘When I pass away, can I come back as one of your animals?”